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Assivori S.A. is an Andorran company that will be by your side, with a
personalized service. Formed by a team with a long experience
in the management of savings and with a personalized treatment.
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projects to be real
Your life / savings insurance will allow you to manage
your savings at any time and to benefit from them
when you need them most.
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think about your future
Assivori S.A offers dynamic
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for a more serene future.


Life insurance

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Life insurance

With our heart

Since no family is the same, we’ve got the life insurance that’s right for you. Invest your savings in fixed or variable capital, let us assist you in your investments, according to your needs and the financial situation of the markets.

Assivori S.A

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Why a
life / savings insurance?

With life / savings insurance, we will manage your contributions with transparency, professionalism and honesty, always adapting to the needs of the moment.

  • Profitability
    Depending on your goals

    Our advisors will work to get the highest possible return based on your future goals.

  • Supplementary premiums
    Extraordinary contributions

    With the ability to pay extraordinary amounts whenever you want.

  • Total flexibility
    You decide the contribution

    Always taking into account your preferences in all investments.

  • Cash
    Request your savings

    At any time you can dispose of your savings in the event of an unforeseen event.

  • Tax system
    Tax advantages

    Enjoy the benefit of deferred taxation on your earnings on your contributions.

  • Transparency
    A close team

    We manage your savings with total transparency and dedication. We are committed to permanent communication with our customers.

Privacy and security
We work in the greatest confidentiality, guaranteeing your privacy through our high level security systems.
Experienced staff
Our team is composed of advisers with extensive experience and training in wealth and financial management. Our know-how at your service.
Professional Ethics
We support you at all times by actively managing your investments. Your savings will be managed responsibly, honestly, consistently, discreetly and always respecting your preferences by the best professionals and in complete transparency.
Our product
Our life / savings insurance is based on the fundamentals of ``unit linked``, these are financial products that allow you to channel future savings. It is a way of investing, both life insurance and savings funds.
Life insurance
Concretely, it is an investment in a basket of funds, stocks or bonds and is structured around a life insurance contract. Thus part of the investment must be used to pay the insurance premium which guarantees a capital of 10,000 euros in the event of the death of the insured to be received by the designated beneficiaries, but the major part of the capital is invested in a portfolio of products.
Diversified investments
With this product you can have access to all the markets of the world as well as to a multitude of financial assets that can effectively diversify investments.

Our clients


testify to this

Good treatment, trust and transparency are the pillars of the relationship with our clients. We are always at your side according to your needs.

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